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T e a c h i n g

Nothing is impossible. Nothing is too hard.

With guidance, perseverance, and passion,

anything is achievable!

Start Lessons with Nicha!

30 mins | 45 mins | 60 mins lessons 

Offers for In-Person Lessons

Current Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Beginner - Advanced Level

Private Lessons

Piano Lessons: Groups of 2 for Beginners

General Music Class: Groups of 4 (ages 4-6)

Offers for Online Lessons

You can be anywhere in the world and still take lessons with me!

Beginner - Advanced Level

Private Lessons

Lessons can be given through Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype!

Send me a message for pricing, scheduling details or other inquiries!


I am passionate about teaching piano and music lessons in all settings: classroom teaching, private lessons, and group lessons. I have experience in teaching students of all ages from as young as 4, and in all levels. I am committed to all my students in their musical journey to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small, and to establish a nurturing environment to develop a life-long appreciation and interest for piano and classical music. 

Student Testimonials

Anonymous testimonials from course evaluations of

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music P110: Class Piano for Beginners

“I really enjoyed this course and Miss Nicha. She was extremely nice, caring, helpful and really wanted us to do the best we can. She was always there to help us if we needed it and always answered any questions we had.”

“Nicha was a great instructor and made the course fun and encouraged us to keep trying as piano is a new language and it can be difficult. She was a fair grader and easy to approach.”

“She is always friendly and kind to everyone in the class, does a great job supporting students, and did a great job of helping me learn how to play the piano.”

“What I liked most about this class was the

inclusion that Nicha implemented into the

classroom. Nicha was always there for students

who needed assistance and kept our class organized

and up to date by posting assignments on a Google Document with the class. Nicha is a very approachable person if you were struggling in the class and always offered to help students on her own time during office hours. I cannot say enough good things about my course instructor she was amazing all throughout the semester.”

“I liked how Nicha was so caring and truly wanted us to succeed.”

“I liked that she was always excited to teach us, it made us more excited to learn.”

"Nicha was a very good instructor because she devoted her time to us. When I would struggle she was very understanding and would always help me and give me another chance.

She was a great teacher!"

“Nicha was always very cheerful and excited to teach. It brightened my day and made

me happy to come to class. Very helpful,

and often offered suggestions on how to make a piece easier to play.”

“I think Nicha was a phenomenal instructor. She made the class fun and affirmed us in our successes while also being gentle when pointing out our shortcomings. I can’t say enough nice things about how she ran her class. She was absolutely terrific!”

Anonymous testimonials from course evaluations of

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Private Instructions & Young Pianists Program

“My personal favorite piano instructor. Very good at setting

a student up for success.”

“Nicha is a very talented pedagogue and changes the way she teaches to

fit the students’ needs.”

“She is a very good teacher as she explains concepts in very fun and clear ways. She also motivates me and helps me

to establish weekly goals to

be achieved.”

“I feel like I’ve become a better musician over the semester because of Nicha’s instruction.”

Not convinced? Nicha also offers trial lessons at a discounted price. Contact her for more details!

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